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Gi4 Launchpad
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What is Gi4 Launchpad?

Gi4 Launchpad is your all-in-one 2D animated video bundle.


The Launchpad package includes:

  • Vyond Licenses

  • Vyond Video Creation Services

  • Expert training on Vyond's platform

Blast off and start creating videos quickly with Gi4 Launchpad. 



Stage 1: Ignition

Prepare for liftoff with Gi4 Launchpad's Ignition stage. Our seasoned team provides you the power and tools you need to create videos with your own Vyond animation licenses.

Stage 2: Liftoff

Experience the exhilarating Liftoff phase of Gi4 Launchpad. Our expert video creation services catapult you into orbit by working with you to create your inaugural video, ensuring a captivating start to building your video library without delay.

Stage 3: Separation

After Gi4 helps you create your initial video, you reach the Separation, or training, stage. Our comprehensive training program removes training boosters, empowering you to navigate Vyond independently, fueled by knowledge and skill.

Stage 4: Orbit

Orbit is the pinnacle of independence with Gi4 Launchpad. Take command of your video creation destiny as you craft your own narratives. While you create your own videos, we'll remain available as ground control, ready to provide additional training or consulting as you need.


Get Started in Vyond at Lightspeed

Gi4 Launchpad will help you get started in Vyond quickly by delivering professional-quality content while keeping you in the pilot's seat.

Let us make your next great video, and we'll set you up to make the rest. 

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