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Harness Vyond's animation for a digital, creative government that is secure, engaging, and intuitive.

Vyond for Government

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What is Vyond for Government with Gi4?

As Vyond's reseller for U.S. Government and public education customers, Gi4 makes Vyond's intuitive animation solution available to servants in the public sector. With years of expertise supporting government procurement processes, Gi4 offers Vyond at the lowest pricing on the market and the highest value for Government customers.

Customers who buy Vyond through Gi4 will receive Vyond's animation software at an exclusive Government rate and a designated account manager versed in Government needs.

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Start Animating

How does Government use Vyond?


 Vyond's easy-to-use interface and engaging animations make training engaging and effective, an excellent tool for governments and educators training public servants, employees, and citizens. 


Vyond's animations can be combined with online course building software, including Articulate, to develop independent microlearning-based courses for more non-traditional remote learning.

Public Outreach & Relations

Engage constituents and the citizens you serve by releasing animations explaining agency news, services, and community information.
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