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Gi4, LLC is the Official Reseller of Vyond for U.S. Government.

Simple. Powerful. Effective.

Create dynamic animations with Vyond.

Vyond’s cloud-based animation software equips clients to easily create professional animated videos for marketing, training, eLearning, or any department with communication needs. As Vyond's official government reseller, Gi4 equips government clients to harness the power of Vyond. 

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Drag and drop assets

in three art styles.

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Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 2.37.14 PM.png

Use quick-start templates and training

for endless customization. 

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Vyond + Gi4

Transform communications in:




Active, dynamic animations engage learners and improve long-term memory retention. Vyond empowers trainers to create attention-capturing content as easily as creating a slide presentation or print-out. 

Training & eLearning

Apply Vyond



Storytelling is the backbone of every successful marketing and public relations strategy, and storytelling is central to Vyond's philosophy. Vyond will ensure your constituents, employees, and public know your story and services.

Marketing & PR

Marketing team meeting
Image by Campaign Creators



From describing reopening procedures after the COVID-19 lockdown to explaining new benefits packages, Vyond can help government clients with any project that would require a presentation.  

Everything Else

Vyond for Government

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Vyond video content is accessible for all government clients and constituents. With the ability to add open and closed captioning, image descriptions, text transcripts, and more, our government clients can create Section 508-compliant content with ease. 



Gi4 and Vyond are committed to delivering a secure video creation platform to our government customers. We have implemented comprehensive security processes and controls to help us comply with government security needs. 

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Optimized for Government

Gi4 is a service-disabled veteran-owned, 8a small business, offering Vyond directly as well as through our GSA Schedule Contract (Contract No. 47QTCA21D007B). We make it easier for US Government customers to use and get the best value out of Vyond. 

Vyond for U.S. Government

About Us



Gi4 is a service-disabled, veteran-owned 8a small business, dedicated to supporting the mission of our Federal Government clients through a Human-Centered Design philosophy, innovative Information Technology Solutions, and rigorous Program Management. We are particularly focused on those Departments, Agencies and programs that benefit US Service Members and Veterans.

About Gi4, LLC

About Us



Founded as GoAnimate in 2007, Vyond has helped Global 2000 organizations, small businesses, and individuals produce their own videos easily and cost-effectively. Since its inception, the Company has served over 12 million registered users on six continents. 

About Vyond™

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